If you live in a house in the USA built in the last 50 or 60 years, you can bet framers had a major role in its construction. Join our national salute to framers for your chance to win some great prizes. Watch our video, then sign up below!


It’s time we show our appreciation to these builders of the American dream.

Many prizes to be won

What's a framer?

Framers measure, cut and assemble the entire aboveground load-bearing structure – or the frame – of a house: Studs, joists, walls, sub-flooring and roof sheathing. Framing demands skill, strength, toughness and teamwork. Framers install our products. So, it was natural for us to bring attention to the valuable but unsung heroes of our industry by showing our appreciation to the American framers out there, working tirelessly to build the structures that house our families.

America needs more framers

The US homebuilding industry is experiencing a crippling shortage of 200,000 skilled professionals. As part of #THANKAFRAMER month, Norbord is donating $100,000 to the Home Builders Institute. HBI is a national leader in professional training for the homebuilding industry and is committed to helping the diverse populations it serves to build prosperous careers.

Investing in the future of framing

Norbord believes framers are inextricably built into the American Dream. But the American homebuilding industry is hampered by a staggering shortage of framers. A donation to HBI will help attract more young people to train as framers, and ultimately see more professional framers enter the labor pool.

Learn more and donate to HBI

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