#THANKAFRAMER is giving America more framers to thank.

When we launched #THANKAFRAMER last Labor Day, we had no idea our video saluting hardworking American framing carpenters would get millions of views. Or that large numbers of framers would write back to us to thank us for caring.

Why Do We Care?

West Fraser is nothing without framers. They install everything we make. And right now, there aren’t nearly enough of them.

Framers posing

This hurts our customers – the building materials dealers who stock and sell our products, and the builders who buy them for use in new house construction. They range from small businesses employing one or more framing crews, to major developers who plan, build and market entire neighborhoods.

It also hurts the US economy. The framer shortage is slowing new house construction during this time of high demand. Thousands of American families with the means to purchase new homes can’t, simply because of the housing backlog.

It’s a big problem.

And it’s entirely solvable

Home Builders Institute Logo

To start the momentum last year, we donated $1.1 million to the Home Builders Institute (HBI). The funds went toward establishing pre-apprenticeship programs to train future framers in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida, in aid of post-hurricane rebuilding efforts.